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Welcome to Diversity FIRST™ Initiative

The Diversity FIRST™ Initiative advocates for the advancement of millennials by facilitating their personal and professional growth. We aim to be the premier organization for promoting workplace inclusion of Generation Y by bringing awareness to existing barriers and actively creating solutions for positive change. Our vision is a workplace without barriers where Millennials are able to thrive professionally and contribute fully to the success of their organization.

Career Development

We have several programs designed to help Millennials obtain and maintain meaningful jobs within various industries. Through skill building and leadership development, Diversity FIRST™ Initiative seeks to be the premier resource for millennial candidates seeking their dream job or promotion.
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We diligently work to bring diversity and inclusion to all organizations and believe that companies benefit the most when their workforce reflects the community they serve. We are committed to various initiatives to ensure the hiring, development and advancement of Millennials in the workplace. Our purpose is to partner with organizations and help them secure their competitive advantage by utilizing millennial talent
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Take Action

The work of Diversity FIRST™ Initiative and the National Diversity Council couldn’t go on without the support and contributions of the communities they serve. Any pledge of support is greatly appreciated and will help continue our mission to advocate for further workplace diversity and equality.
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