Career Development

Diversity FIRST™ Initiative provides Millennials with the knowledge and tools they need to achieve success, whether in a job search or within their existing organizations. Our skill building and leadership workshops are designed with Millennials’ career development in mind.


Resume Writing

Resumes are still the primary tool that introduces a candidate to a prospective employer. In today’s environment, with an increasingly larger applicant pool, employers are making a “reject” or “continue to pursue” decision in mere seconds based upon what they see on a resume.

In some cases, a computer rejects a resume if certain keywords are not found. Be sure that your resume gets you to the next step by learning the resume basics and how to load your resume with words and phrases guaranteed to capture a prospective employer’s attention.


Interviewing Skills

Hiring decisions are made based upon four factors: personality, intelligence, motivation and aptitude. Be sure you know how to showcase your strengths in each of these areas in ways that will positively differentiate you.

If you know what questions you are likely to be asked, what answers work, and what questions you should ask, you will jump from “interview” to “offer.” Successful people know that interviewing skills can also be used to expand your network and expose your capabilities to others within your organization.


Job Search

A job search is not a numbers game where you merely post resumes on job boards, send out a resume blast or respond to classified ads and hope that something will come along.

Successful job searches involve focused, disciplined activities that include an organized plan of attack based upon proper research, preparation and self-evaluation. The goal is not simply to find a job; it is to find the right job for you.


Business Etiquette

How you present and handle yourself can derail your career or cause you to stand out and rise above others. Managers and executives must know that you can be trusted to always present the organization in the best possible light.

Observing how you interact with others within your organization gives them confidence or creates doubt. Learn how to project the winning image.


Communication Skills

Upward, downward, lateral, written, verbal, non-verbal, inter, intra, external, cultural, generational, and media are just some of the types of communication skills that must be understood and mastered to move up within an organization.

Shooting from the hip may be acceptable among friends, but it takes more to keep from getting shot down on the job. Learn what works and what to avoid.


Teamwork and Team Building

As the saying goes, “There is no ‘I’ in team.” Building consensus, knowing when to compromise, when and how to take the reins, and getting others pulling in the same direction are skills that must be learned.

This workshop includes real-world exercises, group problem solving, and plenty of feedback and analysis—all of which can be taken directly to your workplace.


Managing Conflict

Any time two or more people are thrust into a circumstance involving rules, goals, and deadlines, tension and conflict are inevitable.

Smart leaders (even if one is just another team member) know how to recognize the symptoms, diffuse the difficulties, and re-direct efforts so that all team members feel like winners. For some, this comes more naturally but others can be trained. This workshop shows you how it is done.


Problem Solving

Too much time and effort are spent solving symptoms without getting to the root of the problem.

This workshop teaches how you can isolate the real problem and create a plan to solve it. You will utilize a template that will take you from diagnosis all the way through policy creation, should the resolution require such action.


Decision Making

Businesses reward those who have the ability to make the right decision, at the right time, in the most efficient manner. This workshop teaches you how to effectively define the problem, create an alternative solutions list, analyze and compare alternative solutions, select the best plan of action, follow through on your decision and perform post decision analysis.

It’s a proven process that leads to the best results.


Time Management

Truly successful people know the time management system and make it work for them. Consistently getting more done, more often, leads to more opportunities. This workshop teaches you the system. Co-workers will notice the dramatic results in your performance and will be eager to learn your secrets.



Project Management

Successful project management involves the skillful scheduling and management of time, people and physical resources. This multi-faceted skill can only be mastered over time, with each project success leading to more and greater responsibility.

This workshop introduces you to the elements of successful project management and gives you a template that can be put to effective use.


Cultural Competency

We all intend to do the right thing, but frequently say the wrong thing, or something that is taken in an unintended way by those whose backgrounds and cultures differ from our own.

In an ever-increasingly diverse environment, those who know how to approach others and engage others in constructive ways will be perceived and accepted as leaders. Learn what steps you can take to become more effective in your dealings with all people.


Generational Diversity

Traditionalists, baby-boomers, Gen Xers and Gen Yers (Millennials) are four generations in the workplace that differ in values, aspirations and beliefs.

Understanding these distinctions will give workshop attendees an appreciation of how each of these generations functions and the knowledge to better understand them. After attending this workshop, if others are not making you feel comfortable, you will know how to make them feel comfortable and everyone will benefit.


Stress Management

Meeting deadlines, achieving goals, working with others, balancing work and home lives, being unprepared, feeling overwhelmed and so many other realities of everyday living ratchet up the stress level in anyone.

But some people seem to take it all in stride and continue to move ahead. Learn some of the tips and techniques that these people utilize to stay calm and accomplish more.


Ethics in the Workplace

Aligning your values with your organization’s values leads to long-term job satisfaction and better health for both the organization and you.

Learn how to determine your organization’s ethical practices and how you can consistently be counted on to represent the best of what your employer expects, even when others want to take shortcuts or bend the rules. Organizations look to and reward those who can be counted on to do the right thing.


Innovation and Creativity

Many employers are coming to the conclusion that innovation and creativity are among the most important traits to seek in a new employee. If you are not naturally right-brained, learn techniques and exercises that will help you improve in this area.

If you are right-brained, learn how to focus your imagination on suggestions and solutions that will work within your organization and help it move forward.