2018 Diversity First Initiative Curriculum for Selected Interns

The Diversity First Initiative for Interns has a progressive and professional modular curriculum designed to prepare college students for a solid transition from their internship to full time employment status after graduation. The modules were designed by certified HR practitioners and certified Diversity practitioners with performance management principles in mind. Each intern will have many opportunities for ongoing learning and education throughout the year. The modular program specifically covers communication approaches, diversity intelligence, organization strategies, leadership competencies and more.


Workshop Content and Deliverables

  • One of the more important things a young professional can learn is “What to say when”. Effective communication is the key to all successful personal and professional relationships. It is imperative that our participating students learn how to address fellow team members, management and executives with respect and business acumen.
  • Integrating task elements and action items with work strategies is a part of daily responsibilities; however, interruptions and distractions can cause delays in output. Our DFI students will learn about goal setting, prioritization and eliminating “time sharks” that eat away opportunities to complete projects large and small.
  • Training and development is a major component of Talent Management. The DFI interns will be introduced to management core competencies with the Leadership Foundations module. This module is designed to assist students in avoiding the major pitfalls of leadership, the difference between transactional vs. transformational leaders and evading micro-management tendencies.

  • All students participating in the DFI initiative will learn how to create and document an accurate, well-defined resume that will highlight their skills, competencies and corporate citizenship contributions. An in-depth interview workshop will be conducted to prepare the interns for one on one, panel and group interview formats.
  • The workshop concludes with a detailed module focused on Diversity Awareness and Intelligence. The guiding principles, meaningful concepts and definitions of diversity and inclusion will be facilitated in detail. We will cover cultural competencies such as unconscious bias and sensitivity as well as the strategic advantages companies gain with a diverse workforce. This is the heart and soul of the program.